30 August 2018

“Don’t spend a dime on medical device marketing until you have solid customer insights.” ― Joe Hage

A brand consultant will help to give you a nice way to brand yourself. However, you also should learn how to brand yourself before jumping in deeper. In the previous article, we’ve learnt how to do personal branding through visual, the next way is through the level of intellect.

You can communicate the message inside your brand easily if you have more knowledge about the brand. If it’s still too confusing, understand these four things well. Learn how to minimize your language but resulting in great impact. Do you still get confused? Before you call a brand consultant, please learn and do these steps.

Show Statistics


Statistics can be referred to as the work you have produced. Show testimonials from people you’ve worked with. Show them to convince people out there, that you’re a competent person.

Show The Answers Of Various Anxieties


In his website, Neil Patel could analyze that the visitor on the website is a problem. Then, Neil Patel also gave an answer to the unrest. He shows that he has more knowledge than people out there.

Give Tips And Ways To Do Anything


Do you often read articles that you find useful? That’s what we meant. Give value to people out there so that your brand is always remembered. Neil Patel uses his website as a medium to share the value. Is sharing value only limited to website? No. Indeed, sharing value is more easy to do via website. However, you can still use other medium. For example, you can post photo on your Instagram about the newest culinary spot. Or you can spread other value like how to do a fun holiday with your kids via Instastory.

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Be Unique And Experienced


Find your unique point and consistently convey your uniqueness to others through reliable biography – when a profile photo is a first impression, your biography lets them find out more. Then, how to generate a good biography? Give evidence, not just show, like Neil Patel.

Are you ready to build your personal branding through intellectuality like Neil Patel? Or you merely get confused how to start? Then, it is time to contact us as the best brand consultant. We’ll tell you how to start.

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