Choosing the Right Color for Your Brand Logo

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The psychology of color in the logo of a brand is not only about perception, it’s about identity.

Then, how is the best way to use color to build a public perception? Before you call a brand agency, you can learn about the color psychology first.

All businesses use the logo as one form of marketing strategy. That’s why all companies need a good logo. However, that happens not a few companies use logos that have been established or using vectors that exist on the internet. Then problems occur.

Why? Because using vectors on the internet will damage the uniqueness of your brand. Your brand would not be unique because the vectors are already used by hundreds if not thousands of companies out there. In addition, your brand does not have an identity because your color does not describe what you offer. Then, what way to do, so that your brand has its own uniqueness? Determine the color of your brand. Color psychology is important for your brand logo because color can change one’s emotions.

When you consult to a brand agency, they would say that your logo brand should give the impression and the first word that comes to audiences’ mind. The logo itself consists of type, color and font. However, we will discuss about color selection because color is a very important component in creating a brand logo.

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What first comes into your head when you see red? Full of courage or even danger? If so, then true. In the use of logos, red has the effect of reducing thinking and accelerating reactions. That’s why Coca-Cola’s advertisement is the overwhelming majority of messages conveyed that Coca-Cola is a friend in every activity that always brings happiness.



What do you think of when you see the Nickelodeon logo? Do you feel energetic? Enjoyment? That’s why Nickelodeon uses orange. With a target audience of children, of course Nickelodeon would want to use a logo that represents children; energetic and full of fun. In addition, orange color can be used to attract attention due to the high contrast, such as traffic cone.



Why does McDonald always put a big yellow logo standing high in front of its outlets? It is because the color yellow attracts people’s attention. Yellow is also synonymous with warnings, such as those in traffic lights. Then, when should you use yellow? Use yellow when you want to foster a sense of optimism for your target. For example, Nikon uses a combination of yellow and slogan “At the heart of the image” to increase user confidence. You also can learn from DHL with the slogan “We deliver trust” to foster a sense of customer optimism to believe with DHL.



Blue is everyone’s favorite color. Blue often describes calmness and dependable. That’s why many laptop companies such as HP, Dell and Intel use blue as their logo. Many social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter also use this color for the same reason.



What first comes to mind when you see the color purple? Feminine? Masculinity? You could say true. More precisely, the color purple represents wealth, mystery and uniqueness. That was the first impression when we heard the word FedEx with his “express”. You also can learn from Cadbury that chose not to use brown color but the color purple to make an exclusive impression to the buyers.



Why do majority of shoes like Nike, Vans, Adidas use black? Even Adidas that once had blue logo turned it black? In addition to neutral colors for shoes, black color also gives the impression of elegance. In fact, for teenagers who just got older, using black color is believed to increase the confidence and modernity of the teenager. That’s why shoes that target teenagers as audiences will use a black logo so that teens can look more classic, elegant and mature.



White is a clean and sterile color. It can also support the impression of elegance. That’s why products like Apple use white. The impression of elegance when placed on the phone is the first impression appears in people’s minds. It is also supported by features and prices that strengthen the brand Apple as a “rich” brand. Your identity brand shapes the public perception of your brand.

Therefore, it becomes important to establish a brand identity in accordance with the message to be conveyed. The use of color is one of the stages. Other stages such as completing logos, tagline and aligning messages are another important step that should not be missed in marketing a brand. By understanding the color selection for your brand before contacting us as the best brand agency, you are more advanced than other brands. So, which color matches your brand?

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You can apply the best colors to your brand logo with the help of branding professionals, here.


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