Why First Impression Matters for Your Marketing Efforts

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“Your brand is a story unfolding across all customer touch points.” – Jonah Sachs

Truth be told, the world of marketing is buzzing with new lines of startup seeking to direct high traffic into their business. Competition is tight these days; big names in the industry have an upper hand over their small-named less recognized new competitors, thanks to the wide exposure to the public. Despite all that, you don’t need to worry too much because your business still has the opportunity to stand against those big industry players.

How are you going to stand against those big names? By creating the first impression that lasts long in your audience’s mind.

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The first step in creating a brand that is impressive is to be able to construct a set of business values that others understand and can relate to. Let’s put this into this perspective; if your company aims at things that people are searching for and you can provide them just that, would they turn their face away?


This is not about setting up an office building. This is directed more toward your online presence to help improve your brand. Ask this to yourself: Who these days are not connected to the internet? Capitalize on this by making your business easily accessible online through a website and social media. If you have just started your business, social media is the perfect platform you can start with. Literally everyone is on social media so the chance you get to net some potential customers increases significantly.


Your marketing efforts are a dud without a product to, well, market for, now aren’t it? In fact, there would not be any business to run without a product (or a service) to begin with. You need to present it in a packaging that is appealing. Make it so that everyone falls for the design of the packaging and pin them down for what’s inside.


Included in this category are slogan and logo—and interesting jingle if it involves audio-video advertisements. These will help people to identify your brand in the end. Create an interesting corporate identity that can make people remember your brand just by looking at its logo.

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