Reasons Why Brand Jingle is Essential for Your Business

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Jingles are messages created around a brand that features music that is usually written and composed by professional songwriters.

Well-made jingles often contain enough catchy lyrics and choruses that make people who listen to the song can remember it on their minds consciously or not. Jingles were great branding devices in the early years of 20th century when radio was primarily used as broadcast advertising.

Jingles can be considered as the extended version of a musical slogan, and in this way, we can include songs as a brand element. But, jingles have their weakness. Jingles might are not nearly as transferable as other brand elements because of its nature of being musical. Yes, they can promote brand benefits in a unique way, but jingles do it in an indirect and abstract way, unlike the other elements. Thus songs are most likely to relate to feelings and personality.

Regarding promoting a brand, jingles can be unique , which in this way, they repeat the brand name in a creative and amusing way that makes the listener, whether they want it or not, remembers the brand name. You might as well hum consciously or not after listening to McDonald’s “I’m Lovin’ It” jingle after the ad is over because the song allows listeners to repeat the catchy hooks and phrases. This is why jingles are most valuable in enhancing brand awareness.

A well-known song can be used as an advertising foundation for years. Kit-kat’s catchy song ‘Give Me a Break’ has been featured in their ads since 1988 and somehow has helped to make the brand the sixth best-selling chocolate candy bar in the United States. Intel also made a different jingle that echoes in the listener’s ears. As simple as the song might be, ‘In-tel In-side’ consists of only two words, but rhymes and it has the brand name on it!

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