07 May 2018

In the face of a business opportunity, it is easy to get ahead of yourself and start imagining things.

Already you are thinking about spending your earnings on a lavish trip to some exotic island or traveling to countries you’ve never even heard of before. Already you imagine the moment you sit on a list of top 10 richest entrepreneurs in the world. To be fair, expectation is a must. It lends credibility to your business plan. But you need to be careful so as not to blur the line between pure expectation and incomprehensible delusion. Let yourself dream too much and your brand is in danger.

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You may be tempted to compare your branding efforts with already large and famous brands. But restrain yourself ever from doing so. Those big industry players are not always what they are today. They started somewhere from the bottom, just like where you are at this point. Keep it all real and be true to yourself. Your business has just sprung into existence recently; it’ll take time to stand a chance against other companies that have been there for decades—or even centuries. Always dig deeper to discover your weaknesses and come up with a sensible way to counter them.

Another thing to take care of is the tendency you have to pursue a bigger set of goals even before the initial goal has been achieved. Don’t let yourself get bedazzled by uncertain success. Always crave to nail it on a logical level. Lastly, set a realistic boundary. This is especially true when it comes to marketing. If for the moment you are only capable of hiring influencers, just do that for now. Banking on big-budget advertisement is not always effective. Besides, didn’t you know marketing via social media celebs is totally a hot stuff nowadays?

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