12 September 2018

“Your brand is your public identity, what you’re trusted for. And for your brand to endure, it has to be tested, redefined, managed, and expanded as markets evolve. Brands either learn or disappear.” – Lisa Gansky

Most of people think that branding is not important, simply because they think people only buy certain product because of their quality and not the brand behind the product. That way of thinking is mistaken; because a lot of people choose to buy a certain product even though they are not familiar with the quality and the performance because they have certain interest to the brand. Actually, it is quite common among modern society to buy things based on the classification of the branding system.

Some brand stand for expensive and luxurious item which can only be afford by upper middle classes, while other might represent the mass product that are available for middle to lower classes. It is the reason why certain companies make a lot of effort in creating a perfect branding design for their company of their product.

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There are several reason why branding is important, including:

Branding represent the identity of the product.

People will instantly recognize a product when they are already familiar with the brand design or the branding name of the item. People who are familiar with the brand will also usually have certain degree of trust for the company or the product so they don’t have to put any kind of research about the product before buying them. Often the brand will determine the quality of the product, the purpose of the item, and the target of the market.

Branding is an approach to advertise the product and the company in which the branding belongs to.

Since they are created to be attractive and stand out among the rest, branding will help the consumer to find out the product they want without asking for the sales person recommendation and help. This too will improve the brand’s exposure, as well as helping the people buying the product to remember the brand.

Branding helps a product differ itself from another products.

Nobody buys a certain product from a certain brand without no reason. In the world where there are tons of people selling the same type of product, companies need to realize that they need a brand to help them differentiate its products from their competitors. Branding plays an important role in marketing where it helps people decide whether to buy or not to buy that product.

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Branding has a lot of important roles that can improve a brand’s success, including introducing the product, representing the objective of the company, and attracting buyers. Interested to learn more about brand and branding? Feel free to contact us here!