Agincourt Resources

Maintaining heritage, moving forward.

Located in North Sumatera, PT Agincourt Resources has successfully managed Martabe Gold Mine in its quest to become a gold mine with a world-class operation standard. But after the last acquisition, the company needed a rebranding.

Future acquisition could happen anytime, and rebranding programs should not happen too often, since it could mess the brand. Meanwhile, the first visual identity is loved by everyone working in the company. All of the stakeholders have a high expectation for Dreambox to create a solution for the brand.

By reviewing management insight, Dreambox decided to look back to their past heritage and embrace their authentic name – Agincourt Resources. This approach would benefit the company in a long term and enabled them to create a legacy. A new brand promise “Exchanging goodness for good” was created to convey the essence of the brand, externally and internally. Dreambox also upgraded the visual while maintaining the original heritage.