Mammee Bakery

A fun bakery that bakes happiness.

Mammee Bakery was founded in late 2004. All of Mammee Bakery’s recipes are inspired by their mom and are made with high-quality ingredients.

As of today, Mammee Bakery has opened 8 bakery outlets throughout Palembang. After over a decade, Mammee Bakery decided to keep expanding even more.

Mammee chose Dreambox as its partner to help the brand reacquire the ‘fun’ soul within the brand, to distinguish the brand with the other bakery. The new brand is expected to boost the confidence of Mammee Bakery to win the heart of their customers.

A corporate branding project that excites people.

  • Brand Analysis
  • Brand Immersion
  • Brand Platform
  • Brand Visual
  • Brand Application
  • Brand Guideline
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