Pos Logistics

Brand Activation Booth for Poslog by Dreambox

As a subsidiary of Pos Indonesia, Pos Logistics had a mission to bring nation’s post service name to the world. Last Mile Fulfilment 2016 held at Singapore Expo was the chance to do that.

The project deadline was only 3 weeks, including the time for interviewing, creating the brand story, designing the visuals, and producing the booth. With limited time and budget, Dreambox had to make this brand activation booth amazing.

Instead of just a booth, Dreambox crafted a whole new experience. The maze concept, the interactive wall where people can vote, and the strong brand message, all of these items created an interaction memory that people loved and remembered. “One of the best concept we’ve ever seen” – Singapore Expo.

Task To Do

  • Internal Interview
  • Brand Story
  • Experience Design
  • Graphic Design