Sekolah TMI

Crafting values from inside out

As one of the elite school in Lampung, Sekolah Tunas Mekar Indonesia (TMI) had a fierce competition. Dreambox was assigned to help TMI compete better and build a better positioning.

The brand values were not shared well across the teachers. Thus, every teacher acted according to their own standard. This should not happen, since TMI’s popular competitive advantage was their teachers.

Through our deep brand analysis method, we found out that the underlying value was homey experience, where they were united as a family. We socialized it to all the staffs, making sure that they understood and wanted to act according to the brand. Dreambox also facelifted the visuals to match TMI’s brand positioning.

Task To Do

  • Brand Analysis
  • Brand Immersion
  • Brand Platform
  • Brand Visual
  • Brand Application
  • Brand Guideline
  • Brand Engagement