Summarecon Serpong

Truly Liveable City

Summarecon Serpong is one of the most forward-thinking property developer that focuses in Tangerang area. Since 2004, Summarecon Serpong has developed more than 50 residential and commercial complexes in 2.500.000 m2 area. The development resulted in 11.000 houses, 1.100 apartment units, 2.000 shophouses, and a 100.000 m2 shopping mall.

With a staggering growth over the last 10 years, Summarecon Serpong offers one of the richest living experiences that takes over South Tangerang. Its look and feel, however, remained dated. Summarecon Serpong needed a new identity to reflect the city’s transformation into an vibrant livable city.

We set out to revitalize the brand, taking the “Triple Harmony” as core components for a new visual identity. Inspired by organic shapes, the fluid-like shape conveys energy and motion. The flexibility of the visual system makes it easily adaptable to a variety of applications, from above the line media, to digital and merchandise.