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Why does Your Brand need to do Branding or Rebranding?

If you check some of these points, you might need to do branding or rebranding.

Goes Public
or International

No Longer Relevant
on The Market

Occurring Comptetition

New Management and/or M&A (Merger and Acquisition)

Business Growth

New Product
and/or Audience

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This is Our Proven Branding Methodology.


Strategic Analysis

Design & Implementation



Dreambox Branding Agency starts your branding strategy by conducting quantitative and qualitative research on internal and external parties to determine your Brand Vision and Brand Value. Here is how Dreambox Branding Agency implements them:

Brand Vision

Brand Vision consists of steps to determine how your audience views your brand, why they have such a view, and how they should consider the brand as the branding strategy. Dreambox Branding Consultant conducts interviews and builds a sense of belonging to necessary parties, and further discussion to collect through data and information to achieve the brand vision.

Brand Value

The audience’s preference towards your brand, expectations, and their shared experience of you is your brand value. To keep your brand value is to keep your brand alive. Dreambox Brand Consultant helps you conduct various reviews, surveys, and communications to find the consistent core of your brand value.


Once the research is done, the next step is to determine the strategy.

Brand Association

Every asset and liability of a brand could either add or reduce the values of products and services of a brand from customers’ and audiences’ perspectives. Your brands’ name, personality, organization, and the style of language used in communicating with your audience will have a part in your audience’s mind on associating your brand.

Brand Promise

One of many ways to attract your audience is to show that your brand can provide promising emotional and functional benefits via products or services. To make things easier and more practical for you, Dreambox Branding Agency would help you determine the right people, your advantages, and what benefits your brand has to differentiate itself from others.

Brand Message

Once we find the brand’s position and values, the brand needs to convey them into an inspirational, persuasive, and motivational message to make the audience relate to it. Dreambox Branding Agency helps relay your message and narrative to a specific group of people through strategic communication and selected channels.

Activation Ideas

The final step is to execute the ideas to show how important your brand could be for the audience and why they should support you. Dreambox Branding Agency will help you activate your brand by managing your service, experiences, and social acts to reach necessary parties.


& Implementation

Internal Insight

Internal insight is your brand interaction with your people to socialize new information or changes of brand messages and positionings to allow the changes to permeate thoroughly. Dreambox Branding Agency also includes your customers’ thoughts and opinions in the rebranding process and socializes your rebranding through visual items such as design, logo, and others.

External Insight

External insight provides alternative data in decision-making progress to gain a better competitive advantage. Dreambox Branding Agency collects these data through various research and interviews of brands that are at your level.

Brand Mark

It’s different from a logo because it combines colors, images, words, and other elements, but a brand mark is an image. Dreambox Branding Agency helps you create your brand mark through planned photography, color combinations, font style usage, and aesthetic visuals to express your brand.

Implementation Test

The test serves as a verification that your new brand is implementable in practice. The test is conducted to all significant parties to understand their acceptances of your rebrand results.


Merch are products of promotion to attract more attention from your audiences and new potential audiences. Merchs come in many variations, and they also serve as your communication channels to enhance your customers’ satisfaction.

Implementation Training

The last step is to plant them in the KPI goals so your employees would understand and engage with them. Dreambox Branding Agency will help you by providing guidelines to ensure you know how to maintain your brand and everything else with human-centered design in mind. After establishing your rebrand down to the smallest detail, we would also help you legally register your brand.


When all is done and finalized, Dreambox Branding Agency will have everything recorded and organized into a neat guideline you can access anytime you want. This guideline will contain your brand’s vision, values, essence, and other important information to guide you to develop your brand in the future

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