Building Brand Awareness from 0

Developing the best potential of the brand to compete with top-class competitors.

We implemented diverse SEO strategies to construct AM Brand Awareness from 0.

Traffic Growth in 1 Year
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Indexed Keyword Growth in One Year
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Digitization of Brand and Business Competitions

As the pioneer of Indonesian instant mortar, AM is committed to producing high-quality building materials. AM has been around for more than 30 years, and in those years, competition between brands of similar products has also increased, especially on digital platforms such as e-commerce and in digital Brand Awareness.


Various SEO Strategies Integration

Dreambox helps AM identify target market content and integrates a series of SEO strategies to build AM’s Brand Awareness from 0. Through this strategy, the Dreambox SEO team managed to grow AM’s website traffic until it was able to compete with significant competitors within the digital platforms.

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