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The Ever Growing Industry Competition

The egg industry in Indonesia faces several challenges in marketing via e-commerce, such as logistical obstacles, low usage of non-cash payments, and limited online platforms for small and medium businesses. The online trading market in Indonesia is projected to grow eightfold by 2022. However, Indonesia still needs to catch up to other countries regarding adequate logistics and infrastructure, comfortable and safe payment methods, and a digital trading ecosystem for professionals and micro, small, and intermediate businesses.


A Powerful Way to Promote Products and Services Online

In the digital era, social media, with the various features provided by the platforms, makes it possible to target audiences highly relevant to the products or services offered. The goal is to increase visibility, create interest, and generate sales or conversions in today’s highly dynamic digital environment. Through TikTok and e-commerce platform, Dreambox Digital Marketing managed to boost up Indofarm’s conversion.

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