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Growing brand presence to support the quality of public health.

We helped Benecol grow a more prominent presence as a healthy lifestyle solution for modern society.

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Healthy Life vs Tasty Food

Many of the public’s favorite foods in Indonesia are often associated with health problems such as cholesterol. Because of this stigma, it is not uncommon for people to think that a healthy lifestyle must be achieved by avoiding these foods. This assumption is only sometimes valid, and Benecol requires the proper communication strategy to help the Indonesian people understand that healthy living can still be done without avoiding their favorite foods.


Cholesterol Control Collaboration

Social media and mass media are communication channels that can reach many audiences at once in a relatively short time. By utilizing these media, Dreambox helped Benecol spread messages about the benefits of their products. Through Instagram, Facebook, and mass media coverage, the Dreambox Digital Marketing team shows how Benecol can include delicious food in the audience’s healthy lifestyle choices.

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