A Complete Brief to Understand TikTok Algorithm

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Tiktok algorithm

Thriving on TikTok: From Algorithmic Mystery to Viral Victory

Digital marketing strategies have become diverse. Therefore, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. One platform that has taken the social media world by storm is TikTok. Getting caught by the TikTok algorithm is an open door that leads the user to succeed in this platform.

TikTok is a platform synonymous with short-form video content. As one of the biggest social commerce nowadays, it has emerged as a powerhouse for marketers. However, for some people, its algorithm is unpredictable. So, let’s dive into the comprehensive guide here!

Grasping What TikTok Algorithm Is

TikTok has become one of the most popular social media platforms, with over 1 billion monthly active users. TikTok’s recommendation algorithm determines the content you see on your For You page (#fyp or FYP), is key to its success.

At its core, this algorithm is a sophisticated system designed to curate and deliver personalized content to users. Unlike conventional social media platforms, FYP showcases a blend of content from both followed creators and those yet to be discovered. It determines which videos you see based on your interests, watch history, likes, shares, and more.

The algorithm aims to understand user preferences and deliver the most relevant, enjoyable, personalized feed. It aims to get users addicted to endless scrolling by recommending videos likely to capture attention and inspire creativity.

How the TikTok Algorithm Works

So, how exactly does the algorithm work? The algorithm works by tracking user behavior and video performance metrics. It considers over 100 signals but prioritizes user interactions, video information, watch time, and device settings. Here are the more detailed explanations:

1. User Interactions

This includes your likes, shares, comments, follows, favorite videos, and content you create. Videos similar to those you actively engage with will be recommended more.

2. Video Information

Details like captions, hashtags, sounds, and effects are analyzed. Videos using trending elements may get greater reach.

3. Watch Time

If viewers commonly watch or replay your full videos, the algorithm sees high value and reaches more people. Short videos need almost 100% completion.

5. Device Settings

Location, language preferences, app version, and device type provide signals to optimize recommendations.

So, the algorithm uses the signals above to determine a content or a video’s relevance and ranking. Then, the top-ranked videos based on your profile will be added to your personalized For You feed.

Some Factors Affect the TikTok Algorithm

While the algorithm still has some mystery, we know some areas have an influence. To increase your digital marketing strategies on TikTok, here are the most significant factors you should consider:

1. Not Interested Feedback

TikTok empowers users with the “Not Interested” option, allowing them to sculpt their content preferences. This feedback loop aids the algorithm in understanding user dislikes, refining recommendations, and ensuring a more personalized content feed.

2. Using Relevant Niche & Trending Hashtags

Including narrowly focused or currently viral hashtags helps match your videos to suitable viewers also following those hashtags

3. Posting Authentic, High-Quality Content

Well-produced videos demonstrating creativity tailored to TikTok versus repurposed content from other platforms tend to spark more engagement and shares.

4. Optimizing Video SEO

Including strategic keywords in titles, captions, on-video text, hashtags, and spoken word helps get content found by searchers actively looking for those topics.

5. Commenting On Others’ Videos

The key to TikTok’s algorithm is engagement. Try to proactively engage with other creators and their audience by commenting. It helps build connections to tap into larger communities.

6. Using Trending Sound and Effects

As a visual-based social media, TikTok has many sounds and effects you can use. Leveraging popular sounds or visual effects may help viewers instantly recognize what to expect from your video, piquing curiosity.

Some Factors Don’t Affect TikTok Algorithm

Surprisingly, previous video performance and follower count don’t directly influence the algorithm. Your newest video’s quality and immediate engagement response matter far more than whether the algorithm promotes it. Here are the details:

1. Previous High-Performing Videos

The past performance of an account, specifically the presence of high-performing videos, doesn’t directly impact the FYP system. TikTok’s algorithm is impartial, focusing on the engagement and relevance of individual videos rather than an account’s historical performance.

2. Number of Followers

Contrary to common misconceptions, the number of followers doesn’t directly make your video become an FYP. Yes, accounts with more followers tend to get more video views. However, the algorithm prioritizes engagement metrics like likes, comments, and shares. It emphasizes the quality of interaction over follower quantity.

How to Get Caught by TikTok Algorithm

So, how to get caught by TikTok’s algorithm and make your content shine? Here are 5 helpful tips for landing your next video on more For You pages:

1. Closely Analyze Performance Trends

Compare metrics like traffic sources, watch time, completion rates, and audience retention between your best and worst-performing videos. See what resonates, and then make more of that. Learn what doesn’t work, too.

2. Increase User Interaction

Like any social media platform, engagement is the main indicator of TikTok’s algorithm. Metrics like likes, comments, saves, and shares affect your video’s performance.

3. Watch Time

The percentage of viewers who watch your entire video will affect the algorithm. Whether your video is a quick 15-second burst or a minute-long spectacle, strive for captivating content that keeps the audience from start to finish.

4. Hook Viewers in The First 3 Seconds

To ensure the audiences watch your whole content, try to hook viewers from the start. You may use intriguing scenes, hooking text statements, attention-grabbing sounds, or fascinating visual effects. This builds anticipation to stick around and watch more.

5. Video Information

Attention to your video’s information, including copy, audio, hashtags, effects, and captions. Remember, each element contributes to the algorithm, ensuring your reach into the right audience’s feed.

6. Use Related Hashtags

Still related to video information, it is highly recommended to include a mix of top niche tags, complementary vertical hashtags, one-off viral tags, and branded hashtags to reach a specific audience.

7. Post at Target Audience Peak Times

Lastly, study your TikTok analytics to pinpoint when your niche community is most actively scrolling on the app. Then, schedule uploads to hit those high-traffic windows for maximum initial views.

According to all the factors above, it can be seen that the TikTok algorithm appreciates authenticity, creativity, and engagement. Ready to elevate your digital presence? Explore Dreambox’s digital marketing services for a strategic approach. Visit our homepage for more insights, or contact us directly.


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