Tips on How to Make People Remember Your Brand

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“The greatest gift in life is to be remembered.” – Ken Venturi

Once you’ve made people know that your brand exists, you’ll need step up your game to the next level, which is to make them remember the existence of your brand. By using the right strategy, people will remember your brand for a long time for its quality.

Here are the tips on how to make people remember your brand more easily:

Be everywhere


We mean exactly what we wrote – be literally everywhere. Be on TV, billboards, newspaper, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, radio, supermarkets, malls – any place that allows people to see your brand clearly. The purpose to this is that to help people memorize the corporate identity of your brand without them realizing it. So basically, marketing your brand and its products everywhere.

If you have a limited budget, you can try to be everywhere, digitally. Don’t get mistaken – just because it’s cheaper it doesn’t make it any less effective. More than 3 billion people worldwide browse the internet daily, which means you can effectively market your brand to millions of people online.

Catchy taglines and jingles


Image Source: brandchannel.com

Try to guess the brands with these taglines: ‘Just Do It!’ ‘Connecting People’. Were you able to guess the brands within seconds? Yes, that’s how effective a good tagline is to make people remember a brand.  However, keep it in mind that people can also get annoyed if you overexpose them with your brand jingle and tagline too often, which will make them actually dislike your brand.

What you need to do, is to make your brand jingle show up only every once in a while. It helps people to unconsciously memorize your brand’s jingle and tagline without having to discomfort them with your jingle.

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Quality products


This one goes without saying; to make people remember your brand you’ll need to create extraordinary products. Great products are loved by people. Not only that they will buy the product from the brand that sells great products more than once, they will also ‘market’ the brand using the power of word-of-mouth. People will ‘help’ you promote your brand if your products are ‘worthy’ enough.



Of course, your brand will be remembered by people. However, it will be remembered not for its quality, but for the controversies it made. That is why we highly suggest you not to use this one. You can be called out for being insensitive, mean, hateful, etc. by stirring up controversies, intentional or not.

Some brands actually use the last strategy, but the result is obviously predictable; the brands who use this strategy do not last long. If you want to use it to your brand, you’ll have to be prepared for the result.

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