3 Effective yet Affordable Marketing Strategies You Should Use

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Are you looking for a marketing strategy that isn’t expensive yet effective that your brand can apply?

There’s a simple solution for that: utilizing the internet to market your brand. Most people have switched from using traditional media such as TV, newspaper, radio etc. into using internet to obtain all the information and entertainment they need.

And without further ado, here are the three effective yet affordable and cheap marketing strategies your brand can apply to achieve its business goals:

Website Development


Developing a website has become a basic necessity for businesses recently no matter how big or small the business is. Think of it as a ‘public CV’ that everyone, obviously including your prospectives, can see. If they enjoy seeing your ‘CV’, they will be more likely to ‘hire’ you. In other words, a compelling website will affect the purchasing behavior of a customer. Not only that, a website will surely help your customers to stay in touch with your brand more easily.

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“Just look it up on Google.”

No, we’re not telling you to look for the meaning of SEO on Google, don’t worry. SEO is short for Search Engine and what makes it so important is that everyone, from young to old looks for information on search engines like Google. By utilizing SEO correctly, you can make your business show up on the top result of various keywords, which will make people be able to visit your website. And since everyone uses Google to look up for everything, there’s a big chance your products will become even more visible to your audience, thanks to SEO.

Social Media Marketing


You can market your products on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. And with their massive amount of users, you are for sure to be able to make people become aware of your brand’s existence. Also, you can use social media to retain loyal customers and turn occasional customers into frequent customers.

These three strategies, compared to the traditional marketing strategies such as placing ads and commercials on channels like TV, billboards, radio, etc., are far more affordable and cheaper that even companies with small budget can apply these marketing strategies to strengthen their brand and ultimately generate more sales. Despite being cheaper, this strategy has also been proven countless times for being very effective.

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