The Power of First Impression in Branding

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Competing in the noisy and crowded world of marketing sure is hard, if not impossible for new and establishing small brands.

However, it does not necessarily mean that smaller brands automatically stand no chance to compete against established and well-known brands. By using the right strategy, small brands can outrun the competition while obtaining a large amount of audience at the same time. And the strategy is to attract your prospective customers using the power of first impression.

By giving a good first impression to your prospective customers, they will become interested with your brand and there’s a big chance people who initially buy your products solely out of curiosity will purchase your products again because they simply wish to.

And here are the key factors to make your brand win over your customers’ first impressions:

Compelling logo, slogan, and jingle


McDonald’s golden arches is a good example for this point. The golden arches is so iconic that anyone could easily spot a McDonald’s restaurant from miles away. A compelling corporate identity helps not only to serve as an identity but also to help your customers refer to your brand more easily.

But, developing a corporate identity perfunctorily will cause you an even bigger problem: customer distrust. To prevent that from happening, you will need help from the experts, so that the message your brand is trying to convey through corporate identity can be delivered to your customers accordingly.

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Interesting product and packaging


Solely having a good corporate identity obviously won’t help you create a good impression. If a good corporate identity fails sway to your customers, you will need to make your prospective customers fall for your brand using the excellence of your product and its packaging.

An interesting product enwrapped in a good-looking and convenient packaging will make your prospectives buying the products of your brand. ‘Came for the design, stayed for the product.’

Online visibility


Once you’ve finished giving what your customers exactly need (compelling corporate identity and product), you will now have to give them what they precisely want. In other words, you will need to give your customers the convenience they want, by being visible online.

Your customers will appreciate your brand even more if they are able to be in touch with your brand through social media and website. A good online activity will keep you and your customers stay connected to one another, which will generate loyal customers.

Brand value that resonates


A brand value that resonates hand in hand with your prospectives’ ideals will surely attract them and even help you to leave a mark in their heads so that they know a brand with this kind of value does exist.

A good first impression can be obtained for lesser known brands by applying these simple yet oftentimes ignored key factors.

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