Things Every Good Packaging Design Should Contain

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Packaging design is the ‘face’ of your products. Unless people already know what your products offer, a good packaging design is very crucial for first impressions. The first impression is the deciding factor whether people are going to buy your product or not. Why is it?

The reason behind it is because people don’t know what your product contains. If people already know that your product is good, packaging design is not a high priority to them. But, if people have no idea what your products offer, and yet the packaging design looks unpromising, they’d think: “Why do I even bother looking at this product if there’s a better choice?” So, to attract customers, a good packaging design is needed.

And here are the things every good packaging design should contain:

1. Simplistic design


Don’t have the wrong idea, because simplicity does not always necessarily equal to laziness. Simplistic design helps your product to focus on which value your brand offers. By choosing a simple design for your product’s packaging, it helps people find what value your brand is highlighting on your product. But remember, overly-simplistic packaging design can create an assumption as if your brand is not putting any effort into your products.

2. Suggestive design


Image Source: behance 

A suggestive design can help your customers create an image on what sense your product offers. If it’s fresh, you can create a design with light colors to embrace the ‘freshness’ your product is trying to show, if it gives a ‘luxurious’ sense, you can create a design that gives your customers a ‘high-quality’ sense.

3. See-through & transparent packaging design.


Image source: behance

A ‘sneak peek’ to tease your prospective customers, and also a creative method to provide them what they’re going to buy is not a bad idea for your yet-to-be-known products. The term “seeing is believing” is applicable to the world of marketing, so you can make good of it and create an interesting design to entice your customers.

These things should be considered when you’re trying to create an interesting packaging design for your product if you’re trying to compete against brands with big names on them, because for less-known brands, first impression is the deciding factor whether a product worth buying or not.

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