Brand is you,100%.

– Daniel Hermansyah

Dreambox Team

Dreambox is about our people, your people.

In Dreambox, we build a clear-cut strategy and distinct experience. We skillfully combine strategic expertise and creative thinking to build advanced brands that excel. We are research-minded yet customer-oriented, which aids us to understand the market, discover opportunities, and thrive in today’s dynamic and competitive world.

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Dreambox specializes in handling diverse industries with result oriented approach.

Our experience and track records build our reputation. We have done various challenging projects with a proven methodology and resulted with a great ROI. We are committed to create advanced brands using our BrandAdvancement℠ methodology. We are Dreambox.

Strategy & Insight

  1. Brand Research & Analysis
  2. Brand Immersion
  3. Customer Understanding
  4. Brand Central Idea
  5. Brand Proposition
  6. Brand Storytelling
  1. Brand Personality
  2. Brand Architecture
  3. Brand Naming
  4. Brand Engagement
  5. Brand Activation Ideas
  6. Innovation Ideas

Visual Experience

  1. Visual Audit
  2. Visual Research & Analysis
  3. Brand Identity
  4. Brand Implementation
  5. Brand Guideline
  6. Sign System & Wayfinding
  1. Internal & External Acceptance Test
  2. Implementation Test
  3. Packaging Design
  4. Brand Toolkit
  5. Implementation Training
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