3 Reasons Why Being Inconsistent Could Cause Danger to Your Brand

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You and your colleagues are planning where to go to eat for lunch. A guy, who is one of your colleagues suggests going to a restaurant that is 20 minutes away from your office.

After 15 minutes of driving, the man who had recommended the restaurant says that the restaurant isn’t that good.

Confused, you and your other colleagues agreed to go to some other place to eat. After another 10 minutes of driving back to your office, the guy suggests going to another restaurant that is 10 minutes away from your current position.

Based on the experience, you and your colleagues have no other choices but can’t trust on the guy’s suggestions anymore. The guy might have just lost his colleagues’ trust, which is bad for his career life.

The illustration written above applies to brands as well. If a brand is being inconsistent, it’s causing danger for itself. Here are three reasons why inconsistency is dangerous for a brand.

1. Causes confusion to your customersinconsistency could lead to confusion. People would buy or consume a product from steady, clear brands rather than buy from weird, inconsistent brands. For example, brands that frequently change its name logo and name have a high chance of having fewer customers than brands that never change its name.

2. Losing your customers’ trust – inconsistent brands often disappoint their customers by not fulfilling the customers’ expectation. One of a brand’s biggest tasks is to fulfill the customers’ expectation. When a brand fails to fulfill it, it will lose its customers’ trust.

3. Considered as a low-quality brand – inconsistent brands are also often regarded as poor brands. Although the products they create might not be half as bad, the reputation they had already created for being inconsistent could lead to bad images in the customers’ eyes.

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