3 Ways To Build Brand Credibility Through Video Marketing

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“No matter what you do, your job is to tell your story.”– Gary Vaynerchuk

Video marketing offers the feeling of intimacy, trust and connection to a business that audiences cannot get from any other types of campaign. In the age where there are an exhaustive list of options to choose from, relying on good products and services is no longer enough. Regardless of the products or services, people make purchasing decisions based on their level of trust to a certain brand or business. That’s where video marketing prove itself to be valuable for your business.

Video marketing not only produces solid ROI for 83% of businesses who utilises this type of campaign but also brand and product exposure and trust. Here are 3 ways to build credibility through video marketing.

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1. Start By Telling The Story Of Your Brand

Customers don’t want to be overwhelmed with a list of facts about a business. They want to hear the story behind your brand such as identity, voice, mission and goals. This is where “cornerstone” videos proves its importance. These videos acts as a foundation of your brand’s identity and help to convey the message of that your brands want to send to your audience. Specific products or services may not be highlighted in these type of videos but they instead tell your customers ways your business is special and what they can expect from the business.

Furthermore, these kind of videos can showcase the environment that your business is in and how it helps the local community. Videos like these can link to and inform your other advertising messages. All of these videos act as a foundation of timeless, important content that can be utilised throughout your business campaign. It is also wise to update your brand identity from time to time as your business grow and new challenges arise.

2. Include customer testimonials and reviews

Customers naturally believe in what other customers say about a brand. This is why word-of-mouth advertising and third-party review sites are so effective and valuable. A good customer testimonial should first present the problems that the customer faced. From there, the testimonial should discuss in what way the business contributed in giving them a solution to fix their problems. At the end, the testimonial should be wrapped up by sharing the end results of the product or the solution and how they essentially feel about the business.

The testimonials must be sincere, honest and written by real customers facing real problems. Reach out to loyal customers, they are going to be your most valuable brand advocates. They will be willing to discuss the brand relationship with them and why the product or service of your brand differs from your competitors.

3. Highlight your industry and how you brand plays its role in it.

Industry highlights are an excellent way to show your audiences that you have expertise and knowledge about the products and services you are offering. Not only does this give your audience more information about the products and services they are likely interested in, it also gives your company additional content.

You can talk about recent trends within your industry such as new styles of product and new innovations in tools and technology. Post information and news about your industry convention. Those interested in your industry and products will be intrigued and want to learn more about your business. You could also partner up with businesses in the same industry and start producing videos together. By doing this, your business exposure can be increased and further increase your reach. By swapping videos, you and other businesses can grow your audience and create a network of supportive businesses.

Reach out to the brand ambassadors of your industry. They are independent individuals who has expertise in your industry and uses your products. Ask them to review your products. By interviewing them, you can obtain more information about a customer’s thoughts while building credibility with your customers at the same time.

Here are some of the many more ways to build brand credibility with video marketing campaigns. With consistency, innovation and the spirit of perseverance in implementing video marketing to your business marketing strategy, watch your business rise to the top!

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