3 Ways to Build Personal Branding through Emotions

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“A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.” – Jeff Bezos

One thing you have to do in personal branding is always generate emotion for others. A strong personal branding always leaves the emotion and makes others feel the emotion. A brand consultant may help you to choose these emotions, but it is better if you decide on your own.

What emotions do you want to bring? Do you want to be seen as a cheerful and persuasive person? Or do you want to appear as a person who always provides information? Or do you want to always share the fun? By defining what emotions you want to convey, people can have a brief idea on how to picture online personality, which will surely help you with your personal branding.

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Clearly define the emotions you want to give to your audience. This emotion will provide strong connections and bonding between you and your audience. To cause emotion in your personal branding then you have to do before contacting a brand consultant:

Tell your followers what you feel through captions

If you want to be seen as a person who is always providing information, then stop creating a status that contains complaints about life or criticism on the government. Start by creating a status that contains any information. Of course make sure the information is useful, and not hoax.

Maximize all social media

Do not just focus with one social media platform. Many people tend to only focus on one platform, e.g. updating photos on Instagram and share them on other social media platforms. Occasionally blasting social media with the same post might be good, but you also have to create something unique on each platform. You may use the same pictures, but be sure to make different captions on every social media platform. On twitter you can even share tips. Use related hashtags to make the audiences easy to search for the postings.

Maximize website and blog posts

Once you have defined the emotions you want to convey through your personal branding, show them through the blog posts. If indeed you want to share information, write more blog posts that contain information useful for the audience.

Benchmarking what famous people do in personal branding is a good thing to do. It can be a reference for you to determine the personal branding you want to bring. Set a personal brand that you want to bring and convey personal branding consistently, then you can ask for a professional suggestion from brand consultant.

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