4 Ways To Globalize Your Brand And Business

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“A global brand building strategy is, in reality, a local plan for every market” – Martin Lindstrom

With the success of a business in a particular country, it is ultimately the goal of a the owner to expand their business across borders. There are different factors that will influence whether the expansion will be successful or not. Businesses who achieve success outside of their base country and manage to gain worldwide attention and demand have one characteristic in common, all of them have truly honed their brand identity that projects their personality and successfully build their value proposition turning customers into lifelong loyalists.

Without displaying and offering their extra value proposition, expansion would be an impossible goal. Here are four ways to achieve success in conveying your brand identity on a global level to build awareness, value proposition and brand loyalty.

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1. Maintain the consistency of your brand. 

Consistency is never more critical than when you are trying to expand your brand across the globe. It has always been the key in branding. Priotize in keep all the marketing and brand guidelines, online platforms and even how the office looks to be in one theme or the same despite having branches which span 50-plus countries. It is important to have the same customer service quality, employee training and a global standard that is consistent no matter the location. However, it is important to differentiate or tailor your materials and delivery methods to take cultural differences, country regulations and different types of customer expectations across regions into consideration.

2. Develop versatile, customisable campaign

It is important for you to gain as much knowledge as possible about the your industry and how it occurs in that specific country and also the regulations surrounding it. Make sure to be familiar with the customary practices and languages of the specific country. On top of that, personalisation for specific consumers shouldn’t be forgotten, your business can incur a great loss by ignoring this process. 

3. Source your employees strategically.

Consider hiring locals compared to bringing in expats in one specific country as bringing in expats have been proven to be expensive and to have a failure rate of 42 percent. Hiring locally is not only cost effective, they understand local customs, culture, norms and laws in the market that will aid the business to solve complex business problems that arises in that specific country. Furthermore, the hiring process must be overlooked by the senior leadership team of your business to ensure the that each new recruit fits in the company culture and is able and willing to comply in maintaining the consistency of the company’s values.

4. Get to know your local competitors in the specific country.

Identify the competitive advantage and the effective branding effort you should make by getting to know the local competitors of your business in your industry in that specific country. Surprisingly, you might also find yourself unlikely alleys that might help you with challenges in the changes of customer preferences or market conditions.

To successfully expand your business worldwide, it does not only take good products or services but also the experience as a whole. Make sure to be consistent and overlook every aspect in the customer touchpoint. With consistency and innovation, not only will people recognize the value your brand brings to the world but also become loyal customers to your brand.

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