4 Easy Ways to Attract Your First Ever Audience

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“Gaining audience for a new brand is the easiest thing to do!” – said no one ever.

The sentence written above might be something an optimistic person would hate to hear, but let’s just be honest here, nobody finds it easy to gain audience especially when nobody knows you. If you’re interested in seeing how big companies evolve and grow throughout the years, you’ll understand how hard it is for those companies to look for audience and convince them to buy their product for the first time.

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Looking at Colonel Sanders’ effort to sell his first ever fried chicken recipe to a restaurant back in 1930, we all can agree that it really is hard to gain your first ever audience. However, things are different then, the founder of KFC couldn’t get to use internet and social media platforms to promote his recipe. He had to travel from a restaurant to another in order to sell his fried chicken recipe. But today, things are easier. You can get people’s attention, thanks to the internet. You’ll just need to use the internet to become visible and gain your audience these days, much easier and simpler than back then.

And here are several easy ways to attract your audience for the first time:

Create viral contents


You’ll going to test your luck on this one. You can achieve this if you post your content – in whatever platform – at the right time, to the right group of people, with the right clickbaity title. People are going to hate you on this one, since clickbait titles are always unbelievably goofy. We all know that. But, in order to gain your first ever massive amount of audience, you don’t have to worry about it. If the audience you have gathered beforehand agreed to think that your content is actually good, they’ll eventually come back to you.

Celebrity endorsement


Ask for celebrities to ‘promote’ your product. This step is considerably easier than the first one, but you’ll need to spend money on this one. Since you will be endorsing a celebrity, you can expect them to demand you a numerous amount of money, and you’ll have to prepare for that. But in return, you can expect the celebrity’s audience to buy your products. And if they really like your product, they will recommend your products to their relatives and colleagues. You can think of endorsing a celebrity as a short-term investment.

Place pay-per-click ads on the internet


You can place the ads on website with big amount of audience such as e-commerce websites, LinkedIn, or YouTube, even. It’s a good deal for a short-term investment, since your brand will be seen by many people, but you shouldn’t be using this strategy for a long term. And what’s good about PPC ads is, you can control how much money you will spent by yourself, so you can decide how much you will spend for the ads. And for the cost, it’s definitely not as big as placing ads on TV.

Create controversy


From all four on this list, this one is the least thing we’ll recommend you to do. But since people love controversies, you are sure to gain more audience by stirring up controversies. You can look at Wendy’s sass behavior on Twitter as an example, they did great on that one. However, you will need to be careful when you let controversies take part in your business, since people could hate and despise your brand for the controversies you create.

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If you follow these easy ways carefully, you will be able to gain your first ever audience that will help you gain exposure for your brand or name that ultimately will result in sales increase. Click here for more articles about brand and branding.


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