4 Steps to Becoming a More Recognizable Brand

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Have you ever felt like your brand is missing ‘something’ critical that would be very helpful in making your brand more recognizable but you don’t know what you’re missing?

When making a brand, people often solely focus on creating a real name, logo, slogan, jingle and such, while ignoring (or probably not realizing) 4 important but simple steps that makes a brand more recognizable. These underestimated simple steps are proven effective in building recognition towards a brand, as they help brand owners a better understanding towards of what they customers want and how to surpass their expectations.

1. Focus on telling the story of your brand, not what your product features
Creating a story towards your brand help, you create values towards your customers. It is proven that people’s impression towards a brand impacts their purchasing behavior. Consumers usually believe in their emotions rather than the information they have towards the brand, of course, while knowing that they’re buying a good product.

2. Don’t try to be something you’re not
A lot of brands have applied the strategy of using current trends to attract customers, and a lot of them failed. They turned into something that isn’t their actual selves, failing their brand story. Sometimes, old brands have the most loyal customers because they’re focused to please their customers, not to please the current trends.

3. Be sociable with your customers
One of the reasons why big brands have an enormous amount of clients is because they have good relations with their customers. Whether it is on social media or in real life, great brands tend to have excellent customer services.

4. Give value to get brand love
Don’t forget to inform your clients of what value your brand has, to make them informed of what your brand has to offer. By doing that, you can gain your customers’ trust, loyalty, and love.

By applying these steps, standing out against brands that are competing for your customers’ attention, I snow a piece of cake.


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