5 Important Factors Needed When Creating a Logo

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“What do I need to consider when designing a logo for my brand?”

In the previous article, we already explained why having a good logo could cause good for your brand. A good logo is needed to make brand awareness towards a brand and it is not optional. This time, we’re going to explain to you; 5 important factors every good logo should have.

1. A good logo should be simple
Simplistic logos help customers remember a brand. Not only it is to help customers remember the brand, but also to prevent a logo from being too eccentric that people might hate it.

2. A good logo should be memorable
Just like remembering simple equations such as 5+5, a memorable logo can help people refer to a brand. Try making a logo that people can already recognize just by looking at it for a few times.

3. A good logo should be timeless
By timeless, it means that an effective logo can be around for a very long time. Will it still be effective in 10 or even 50 years? Fun fact: Coca-Cola’s legendary logo has been around since 1940’s.

4. A good logo should be versatile
A versatile logo can help designers work with the logo across different mediums and applications. If a logo is designed in vector format, it can be easily rescaled, or even put in any diverse backgrounds.

5. A good logo should be appropriate
The logo should be positioned appropriately for its intended purpose. For example, if you’re designing a logo for a vegan restaurant, you shouldn’t put a picture of meat inside the logo. But, showing what a business offers as a service is not necessary, just like Harley Davidson’s logo that doesn’t include a motorcycle in it, as long as it shows the identity of the brand.

These five essential factors should be remembered to help you create a good logo!

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