5 Tips To Create A Strong Personal Branding

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“Your personal brand is a promise to your clients… a promise of quality, consistency, competency, and reliability.” – Jason Hartman

Personal branding is a certain way of how a person want to be seen by others. Personal branding will affect to almost all of a person’s life. Especially in this modern world, where we can easily live in the unreal world. How to make a strong personal branding? Let’s find out. These tips are designed for your personal account. Apply it to your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other accounts.

Create Account With Your Own Name

Doesn’t matter if you think that your name is bad, too ‘old’, or you don’t like it. For this purpose, forget that you are ashamed of your name and just use your real name. This will help people to easily find you and know you as the way you are. This will also help audience to remember you as you.

Good Content

Okay, so you already put a good and professional username. The next thing you have to do is making sure you only post good content. Never post any word that describe how terrible your company is. That will decrease the company branding and the marketing.

Post Good Photos

Nowadays, there are a lot of types of cheap cellular phone that has good cameras. This is very helpful to produce good quality photos. Post good photos that describe you and it will make people like you. For some cases, it might open up a new and nice relationship.

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Trusted and Responsible

Never post news that you haven’t know if it’s true or not. Post only true and fact based news, so that people know you are responsible with what you posted. To prevent this mistake, remember to read more from a trusted mass media or by comparing one media to the other. Fact checking before sharing is important.

Be An Active Group Member

Groups create connection with other people within the same purpose. Such as book lovers, food lovers, fashion lovers, and so on. Join a group means a chance to make a wider friendship and get more relations. Be active and share only good things. This will make people only think about the good things of you.

Company branding surely have a relation with their members’s personal branding. Especially the leaders. So it is important for a company to control their worker’s social media account. However, keep in mind that customers can get information easily in no time. 

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