5 Ways to Build Personal Branding Through Videos

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“Personal branding is the art of becoming knowable, likable and trustable.” – John Jantsch

Many say, earning money via video on YouTube is easy. Create videos, upgrade viewers and accumulate money from a large number of viewers. In fact, the system on YouTube is not like that. To make money, you have to go through stages like installing Ads and more. However, your brand agency would not recommend it. If you are making a profit-only video, can your channel consistently produce quality videos? Probably not.

That’s why a brand agency would recommend you to build a personal branding through videos that contain tips, for example tips on how to enter the institution, or a review of the facilities provided by the institution.

Choose Topics That Are Liked By The Audience And Timeless

If you choose a topic that target audience of high school students who want to enter an institution, the videos you create will be liked, maybe they even share them. (According to Forbes research, 60% of millennial are very loyal to a brand.) In addition, the videos you create also should be timeless because every year many high school students who want to go to the institution.

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Your video has a timeless sale value. Target audience as specific as possible so that your video has differentiation to video made by others. To choose a specific topic, you can do research first. You can use Google Keyword Planner to understand the keywords that the audience is looking for. But if using Google Keyword Planner is too difficult, you can use your social media as a means to research.

Share Your Videos

If you’ve already created a video, do not let your video sink to await audience. Make them come to watch. You can use optimize your social media to share videos you’ve created. For example, you can distribute video trailer for 1 minute that can be spread on social media. The goal is to intrigue the audience, which you can then convert to visit your video. You can share your videos multiple times a month. You can schedule a division 3 times a month. In addition, you can share videos according to the moment. Let’s say you make a video about your mother’s day. The timeless videos you can share each year during your mother’s day.

Consistency In Branding

These points are the most important points for building the brand in your video. In addition to the topics discussed above, your brand includes things that are visual like colors, fonts, dress styles, even the preview of your video though.

Brand is useful to improve your brand recognition video. What is brand recognition? Let’s say you already have a strong brand; synonymous with minimalist colors, along with interesting fonts and titles. If your video goes in trending, or to explore in Instagram, when your audience caught a glimpse, he immediately understands if it’s your own. That is the point if your video has strong brand recognition. Not sure how? You can always freely take examples from popular video makers on the Internet.

Convert Your Audience

There are two kinds of conversions you can use in order to build your personal branding; conversions via call-to-action and engagement.

First is call-to-action conversion. What is call-to-action? That is, audiences who have just watched a video are invited to follow social media, visit your location or the web, or view your other videos.

And the second one is to convert the audience through engagement. Engagement means inviting your audience to like, comment, subscribe to share to others. In fact, you can also interact with the audience by leaving a question that might make the audience answer the question in the comment field. With the increased engagement of your videos, the videos you create will more easily appear in the search field.

Collaborate And Expand Your Circle

After consistently producing videos, you can start collaborating with other friends who share the same field. In addition to adding content, it can extend the reach of your audience to your partner’s audience. In addition to collaborating you can also convert the praise addressed to your video as a testimonial. For example, by retweeting praise addressed to you, or collect such praise and make it as a testimony or encouragement to continue to work.

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Many brand agency say that content is king. However in fact, the content you create is actually the one that makes you become a king. Updating quality content consistently will bring your video to a strong and awaited brand by the audience. Need a hand to create engaging, quality content? Contact us here.


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