Advance Guide To Win Customer’s Heart

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“A brand that captures your minds gains behavior. A brand that captures your heart gains commitment.” – Kent Huffman

Which is why winning the customer’s heart is crucial. The meaning of brand feelings itself according to Kevin Lane Keller is customer’s emotional responses towards the brand.

The questions are what kind of feelings that appeared by the marketing program for the brand? How does a brand can influence the customer’s personal beliefs?

These applied by Kevin Roberts of Saatchi & Saatchi said that a company should transcend brands to create “trust marks” – a name or symbol that related with the company that aspires the customer and produces a “love marks”. For Roberts, a brand must be loved not only respected by the public.

The relationship between a man and a brand is like a lover. It is bound with love and respect, which is why it produce loyalty, pride, commitment, excellent service, etc. Love that planted on customer can grow and should maintain.

When you love a brand, it means that you are interested in the brand and always see it in a positive way – the best product that you can purchase and wear, which indicate the existence of love-respect axis.

Someone who madly in love with a brand will always buy and consume the product. iPhone as the example, during their new release iPhone 7 as new products. In their first week, they succeed to sold all iPhone 7 models up to 1% and the jet-black version in pre-orders.


Six crucial types of brand-building feelings can guide you to make the customer be in love with your brand:
1. Warmth
Customers can feel sentimental and affectionate towards a brand if they can sense calm and peacefulness from the brand. Quaker oatmeal, for example, they can sense the familiar feelings.

2. Excitement
Customers can feel energized and special towards a brand such as MTV who shows variety young programs.

3. Joy
Upbeat feelings that customers experience can make them feel fun and cheerful. Disney is a perfect place that customer can feel these experience.

The customer can feel secure and comfortable is one of a great experience that they can experience. If they enter an insurance, they will feel less worry and self-assurance.

5. Social Approval
A belief that others can be favorably in their appearance and behavior wearing or purchasing the product of a brand. Such as Cadillac that since ancients have been a signal of social approval.

6. Self-Respect
A brand that makes others can be more confidence wearing or purchasing the product of a brand. These pride that received by the customer if they are drinking Starbucks in Indonesia.

These feelings can make the customers in love and respect a brand. If customers love a brand, it will produce commitment between your brand and their customer which can increase your sales, and this is why brand feelings are important.



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