Avoid This Fatal Mistake to Prevent Losing More Customers

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“Consistency is key.”

In the previous article we’ve mentioned several severe problems that might be the reason why your customers have stopped from purchasing products from your brand, including selling outdated products, not having a good value, and selling boring products. In this article, we’ll discuss on how to prevent your company from losing even more customers.

Having problems is not a rare thing, every companies in this world, both big and small sized companies have at least faced problems such as not being able to sell their products, that’s for sure. Although common, this problem is not to be addressed lightly. When a company fails to sell their products, a new strategy needs to be applied in order to overcome this problem. If not, obviously the company would never be able to find a way to sell their products ever again.

The problem we mentioned above is inconsistency.

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When a brand is being inconsistent, they are giving their customers an image of unprofessionalism. Would you buy a product from a brand that doesn’t look professional? Neither do I. What we mean by that, is that inconsistency will make your brand lose its loyal customers. When your brand chances its strategy and guideline very often in a short span of time, your customers will think that your brand is unable to stay true to its original vision, and that is something you don’t want to happen to your brand.

Even the slightest inconsistency such as changing the brand logo’s color tone or even font can bug your customers. That is why, new brands are advised to consult to agencies to find out what kind of design should the company publish, obviously to prevent being called inconsistent by its own fans.

Inconsistency leads to disappointment. Disappointment leads to distrust. Distrust leads to failure in generating sales. And since people seek perfection and can easily spot any small mistakes, what you should do as a brand is to minimize the chance of the problem to show up.


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