B2B – Advice To Increase Sells That You Need Most!

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Where do you think a supermarket can get varieties of products? Companies certainly not told his subordinates to buy 1000 products for resale it in their supermarket. I think you already know that supermarket gets all the goods from the supplier which means other companies.

So, what is B2B? Let’s say company A sell their toothpaste product to supermarket B, it means there is selling process between supermarket B (as the enterprise) and company A, and that’s my friend it is called business-to-business or better known as B2B. According to a reliable source, Wikipedia, ‘Business-to-business (B2B) refers to a situation where one business makes a commercial transaction with another.’

Rather than B2C, it is harder for B2B companies to raise their brand awareness. Why? Because B2B seems less exciting to reach and engage people. It is unfortunate for those who try to go deeper into B2B. The next question: How to increase sells in B2B business? Here are some guidelines that you can follow:

First, Family Branding Strategy and Produce Brand Hierarchy. Since there’s a lot of products and varieties, a company should make a hierarchy to quickly order the items both products and make it less complicated. This can be one of brand strategy that you can implement in running your business. Merging a favorite product in one shelf is one of brilliant strategy that you can use.

Second, Connect Between Non-Product and Image Associations. There are differences between building brand equity for industrial products and consumer goods. Usually industrial goods more concern to functionality and cost-benefit ratio rather than consumer goods. B2B business can increase their image associations by giving excellent services and quality of the products.

The last, Segmenting Customers and Making Marketing Program. You need to understand the differences of your customer segment. Because every customer has the different way of treatment, needs, and wants. For industrial products, the differences can be listed as engineers and accountants that have their brand equity. Your job is to know what’s best to engage with your customer by making the right marketing program for it.

What kind of marketing program? A marketing program that can reflect the role of individual such as influencer, producer, purchaser, etc. A deep relationship should be maintained well to achieve it. This is one of the ways to gain credibility of your B2B business.

By following those guidelines – Family Branding Strategy and Produce Brand Hierarchy, Connect Between Non-Product and Image Associations, and Segmenting Customers and Making Marketing Program, we hope that you can build either maintain you B2B business better in the future!


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