Brand Knowledge: A Strong Brand

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Brand knowledge is the key to creating brand impartiality, why? It creates other effects in brand. Marketers need a way to represent the existence of product by brand knowledge that makes the consumer remember about it all the time. So, an influential brand can be developed by associative network memory model. Let’s say we consider brand knowledge is having two components – brand awareness and brand image.

The strength in leaving a trace in memory, which can measure how the consumer can easily identify a product is brand awareness. When a consumer can easily identify it, it will raise the income and profit when they purchase your product.

Brand image is consumer’s perception about the brand that has been an important concept in marketing. So, a reflection of the experience that the consumer received after testing or consuming the product is a brand image.

Apple as the example, what comes to your mind about their computers?

‘well-designed’ or ‘leading-edge technology’ might be what came into your mind. This is the result of brand awareness and brand image. In some point, consumer set their decision to purchase their brand for upgrading a laptop or other devices. So, it creates loyalty towards the brand. In addition, the consumer understands what Apple try to offer by simply help people to accompany their activities in an easy and fast device. The consumer satisfaction is based on brand promises and brand image.

If you already understand about brand knowledge, eventually you will build a strong brand ahead.


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