Brand Mantra Will Keep Your Brand on Track!

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Brand Mantra is a short and concise statement yet easy to describe exactly how the “business soul” of a company.

Brand Mantra usually consists of three to five-word phrases that reflect your belief or ideology. Brand Mantra is equal to “brand essence” or “core brand promise,” to ensure that all employees and external marketing partners understand what characterises the brand. The brand mantra is a powerful device. The brand mantra helps the brand to present a consistent image, so that whenever a consumer and customers see or hear the name, they will remember the picture already.

In implementing the brand mantra, there must be a consideration as communicate, simplify, and inspire. Talk, meaning a good brand mantra should specify the categories of business to set the boundaries of the brand and clarify what is unique about the brand. Simplify an effective brand mantra should be easy to remember. Inspire, the brand mantra should be able to guide and inform as well as to be able to inspire employees and customers. Some of the notable examples of the great mantra are Nike: Authentic Atheltic Performance, Ritz-Carlton: Ladies & Gentlemen Serving Ladies & Gentlemen, or BMW: Ultimate Driving Machine.

Brand Positioning
Positioning is the way the product is defined by consumers based on product placement on top of mind.  The concept of positioning in marketing likened to war to dominate the minds of others. Positioning is dynamic, in which consumer perceptions of a brand are relative if market conditions change or the new entrants, the lead changing market positioning. Then it is, positioning is a strategy that should be continuously evaluated, developed, maintained and bred.

First of policy positioning is attribute positioning, which is the company should position itself based on certain attributes, then the benefits of positioning, where companies have to position ourselves as a leader in some advantages. Then, use or application of positioning, where the brand as the best alternative for their particular situation. Then the user positioning, which put the brand as the best choice for a particular user group. After that, the next strategy is a competitor positioning, associating the brand with the position of competition with its main competitors. Next, the product category that puts the brand positioning as a leader in a particular product or service category. Last is the quality or price positioning. Where the company creates the impression and high-quality imagery that can reach up to premium price image, or otherwise emphasise low prices as a measure.

Campaign Strategy
The campaign is an activity that is visible and organised with the destination to achieve change. When fighting, need to learn about the situation, the issue of the campaign positive or negative, what resources, tactics, and what attributes are available to carry out the campaign. The campaign uses the knowledge to make their strategy, which guides the planning, implementation, marketing, monitoring, improving and evaluating the campaign.

The guidelines for campaign strategy are “do you need to fight?”, Where should consider whether need that drives? Motivation, not education, analyse the forces, keep it simple, right components, start from where your audience is, construct a critical path, the campaign against the unacceptable, make real things happen, say what you mean, find the conflicts in the event and communicate in pictures.

Creative Language
In brand mantra, the original language is required to attract the attention of people when they heard, read, and see the words brand mantra consisting of three to five words. this needs to be considered carefully to easily memorised, eye-catching, and unique.

In conclusion, brand mantra usually consists of three to five-word phrases that describe a brand. Brand mantra needs to be there, so the brand has a good positioning in ways like having a campaign strategy by the guidelines as well as the use of creative language to stand out in comparison to other brands.


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