Brand Packaging Benefits You Should Consider

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Don’t judge a book by its cover, but judge a brand by its packaging.

We previously have discussed brand packaging and what does it do to your brand. This time, we are going to talk about the benefits of brand packaging.

As mentioned in the previous article, brand packaging has a crucial role to your brand. The important part itself can determine whether your brand is going to be liked by customers or not, and customer satisfaction is simply the key to building a successful brand.

A synchronized work between marketer and graphic designer can lead the way for a brand to success. The synchronized work is poured into a vessel, which is the packaging of the brand itself. The ability of a marketer to create an identification of a name in a short writing is creatively visualized into appealing designs by graphic designer, creating an attractive brand package. Statistics have proven that when people go to a grocery store, they tend to look for a product with beautiful packaging first, making us believe that a well-made packaging can entice a customer.

Molson Canadian beer saw an increase in their sales by 40 percent in the U.S. after including bold and brash ‘ice breakers’ in their back labels such as “Sure, You Can Have My Number,” “On the Rebound,” “Fairly Intimidated by Your Beauty.” Later, after receiving a good response from the consumers, “Answer Honestly,” plus challenging and funny choices.


One of Molson Canadian’s “Answer Honestly” back labels.

The increase in Molson Canadian beer sales by 40 percent after redesigning their packaging shows us that a good packaging can affect your brand’s sales.

Other than the increase in sales, brand packaging can also create an image into people’s mind of the brand by creating easy-to-remember packaging designs. When people are asked about what they think after drinking a Heineken beer, they would usually say “the green bottle.” Even individuals who don’t drink would say “the beer with the green bottle” after being asked about what comes into their minds after hearing the word Heineken.

Heineken’s success in creating an image into people’s mind of the brand is also the benefits of a brand packaging, which is a brand awareness.


Heineken beer

Simply put, a brand packaging is simply beneficial and crucial for your brand. The unknown name usually comes with an appealing packaging, making an excellent synchronization between the brand and its packaging.


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