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“You can’t sell anything if you can’t tell anything.” – Beth Comstock

Promotion in a company has a crucial role because promotion is one of the activities to maintain the viability of the enterprise, committed to the development of the company and to achieve the company’s goal to capitalize. The promotion itself as a bridge between the production and consumption activities. In general, the marketing function has a major component (marketing mix). The marketing mix is product, price, place, and promotion.

First, the product is anything that can be offered to the public to get attention, purchased, used, or consumed and to satisfy the wants and needs. Price is the price or in the form of a sum of money as a medium of exchange to acquire products or services. Place a marketing channel or channels of distribution which consists of a set of institutions that perform all the activities that are used to distribute the product and its ownership status from producers to consumers. Can also be said place a specified target company to market a product and services. Promotion is an information communications sellers and buyers that aim to change attitudes and behavior of the purchaser, who was not familiar with the product or service so that a given product and the service. This promotion has a crucial role to create brand awareness will increase the public.

Function of Brand Promotion

Advertisements make consumers aware of the new products, educate them about the features and benefits of the brand, as well as facilitating the creation of the image of a company that produces products and services. Promotional displays the role of other valuable information, both for the advertised brand and its consumers, with a, send in pursuit of new benefits from existing brand.


A media campaign or a good ad will be able to persuade customers to try the products and services offered. Persuasion here is affecting the first demand, which creates a need for the entire product category. More often, the promotion seeks to establish a secondary market, demand for the company’s brand is secondary.


Corporate brand advertising to keep the company’s brand remains fresh in the minds of consumers. Ad demonstrated to affect the transfer of the brand by reminding consumers who do not buy brands available and contain beneficial attributes.

Adding Value

Three fundamental ways in which companies can provide added value for their tenders, innovation, quality improvement, or changing consumer perceptions. The third component of the added value of truly independent. Valid promotion led to the brand is seen as more elegant, stylish, and eminent than competitors offer.


Advertising is one of the promotional tools; advertising can oversee the process of selling the company’s products and provide a valuable introduction to the salesperson before making a personal contract with the prospective customers.

Purpose of Brand Promotion

Category Need, forming customer perception of need. Brand Awareness introduces and provides an understanding of a product to consumers. Brand Attitude, pushing the election to a product. Brand Purchase Intention, persuade customers to buy a product.Purchase Facilitation, offsetting the weakness of the other elements of the marketing mix. Positioning, instill the image of the product and the company.

In the conclusion, brand promotion is one thing that will certainly be done by the company to introduce a product or service provided by the corporation. Development at this time can be done in various ways, not only in the form of advertising on posters, magazines, and billboards. Since the elaboration of this technology, the promotion can be done through various social networks are less complicated than advertising or promotion through conventional media.


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