Color, The Recipe of Success

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Play with colors to increase your sales.

Look around you. There are so many colors in this world that you see every day. How you do you feel when you’re looking at the blue sky? Don’t you feel a kind of peacefulness?  Without you even knowing, color has affected your psychology and influenced what you feel.  As a businessman, we have to pay attention to color selection because it can help the customers easily recognize your brand. Color selection also necessary to determine the identity and shared values of a company.

What are the benefits of selecting the right color to succeed your brand?

First, color selection significantly influences the first impression that was created by a brand. By choosing the right colors for your brand, your brand will attract the consumers, and your brand will be more easily remembered by users because it has a clear identity.

The second benefit of choosing the right color for your brand is it will generate a persuasive effect. Michael Campbell in his book, “The Color Psychology: The Science of Using Colors to Persuade and Influence Purchasing Decisions,” reveal that background with the right color can evoke a deep emotion. Indirectly, a color can be used to influence customers to purchase the products that we offer. It has been proved by some researcher that shown around 75% of the pencils sold are painted yellow in the United States.

Last, choosing the right colors for your brand will help you clarify your target market. Right colors will contribute to affirm the target market of a product or service that you offer. If your business is in the environmental field, green is the right choice to explain that your target market is people who care about the environment.

Certain colors are also often associated with gender. For example, blue is often synonymous with men, while pink is often synonymous with women. A result of research conducted by F. S. Breed and S.E. Katz to 2000 students (Darmaprawira, 2002) indicates that the color preferred by most boys is blue. Red is more popular for women, and blue is more attractive for men. Many people in business also pay attention to this issue. They chose certain colors according to with the market segmentation based on gender. For example, let’s talk about Rexona. Products for men they pack with black and gray color. While for women, they pack the products in white and pink.

However, we must consider that some colors have different meanings in some countries. Blue in American is regarded as a calming color and symbolize trust, security, and authority. That is the reason why many American banks, such as Citi and Bank of America, using blue for their logo. Blue is also a symbol of masculinity and represents the birth of a boy. But in China, blue is considered as a feminine color.


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