What is Corporate Identity?

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What do you know about corporate identity? If a logo is your answer, well it is correct but that’s not a right answer. Let us imagine that identity is your name. Your name is what makes who you are right now and distinguish you from others. Well then, corporate identity is an attribute that describes you. Corporate identity contains several attributes such as vision and value, worker, product, and services. So, a logo is only a part of corporate identity that helps to shape people’s perception about you.


Corporate identity is linked with corporate strategy and visual elements that usually represent by logo and brand name. These visual elements are usually shown from the internal organization. For example, Hypermart as one of the biggest supermarket has distinctive colors which are blue and yellow. The colors popularized and applied to each of the components that create an identity. By using these visual elements, people can remember Hypermart easily.


Corporate identity also can be showed through the workers that using the same uniform like Merpati Airlines that based in Central Jakarta as one of the examples. They are using the same uniform to show their identity. It the same goes like XXI Cineplex, where the workers are wearing the same black uniforms that show elegant and prestigious side as their identity.


Corporate identity can help you to gain profit and loyalty. When people know and aware of your presence, it means they know well enough about your identity. A well-known identity will make people especially the customers trust you and your products. Loyalty will be formed through clear and great corporate identity that you show to the consumers either to your worker. After you get both of internal and external loyalty towards you, people will likely to purchase your products. Apple company as the example, they have a clear identity with the bitten apple as the logo that was made so people do not mistakenly think for other fruits. Imagine if Apple is a person, he will likely to be a cool and unique person that everyone wants to befriend with. These cool and unique sides are part of his identity that makes people want to purchase Apple’s product to be assumed as a cool person. When other people notice the Apple’s logo that you wear, people will assume you as a cool person and you will be proud for wearing Apple’s product.


In conclusion, if you already understand about the corporate identity and the attributes, now you are ready to establish either maintains your brand as a market leader. Don’t forget to keep on visit us to get more insights about the brand!


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