Creating Unique and Strong Brand Identity to Ensure Success

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“If people like you they will listen to you, but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you” — Zig Ziglar

Brand identity stands for an idea that makes your brand unique and different from the rest. It is an item that makes the brand of your product stand out and easily recognize by the consumer, as the result it needs to be designed in such way to make you able to deliver the product of the company objectives in your own way.  It does not stand for a single aspect that make your branding design differ than the rest, but it consists of collection of elements that are created by the company in order to develop certain image of the company.

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Creating a brand identity requires a lot of effort, because it consist of a complex elements that are combined into one single brand, logo, image, and figure; all aspect that need to be delivered to the consumer need to be well represented in a single brand.  It consist of answer about what is the product/ company, the mission, value, the brand voice as well as the aspect that make your product/ company differ that the others. A brand identity may also answer the question about why you start the business or create the product, what can you do better in your field compare to other company that share the same interest, and any other elements that are mainly becoming the background of your company or the product.

Once you’ve set the ideas about the brand that you want to create the foundation of your brand identity, you will also need to create more than 3 or 4 designs before deciding which one that you want to use as the final design. During the process you might want to add or remove certain idea or elements on your brand, but it will be much better if you can stick with your initial plan without neglecting some aspect. And finally, you can hand out surveys to your prospective customers about which design suits your brand identity the most.

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Despite all that, it’s never easy to define and create a strong and unique brand identity. Oftentimes, big companies still require help from professional brand agency to help them create a strong brand and identity to their products. Which is why, Dreambox are here to help you create strong brand identity. Discuss with us here to find out and define the best brand identity for your company and products!


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