The Domino’s Effect of Influencer Branding

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The world of branding is a creative world that will always be needed and will grow for many years.

As the advertising media changes from the very traditional media such as paper into audio and video advertisement, this field has opened many job opportunities for more people around the world.

However in this recent years, as most people have moved from using the more traditional means of communications such as giving letters into using more modern one which is the internet, people give very little attention to traditional advertisements. People nowadays spend more of their time surfing the internet than to watch TV.

Influencer branding is an efficient way to build a good brand image by using the person’s influences. Influencers are people with big followings on social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. that give influences to a certain group of people, hence the name ‘influencer’. One can be considered as an influencer if he or she has a big amount of people following them for a reason, be it their appearances, dialogues, abilities, talents, etc.

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There are several reasons why influencer branding might be a good solution for companies who intend to market their brand to millennials:

People can relate to them


One of the main reasons why influencer branding has been very appealing to the millennials lately, is that people can actually share something in common with them, the influencers. Unlike celebs who live in a luxurious lifestyle that not many people can afford, many influencers live with a rather more affordable lifestyle, and this makes people who follow the influencers feel like that they can follow their lifestyle.

There are lots of them


There are many different kinds of influencers and you can find them anywhere in the social media platforms. You go on Youtube, you’ll see countless videos with different topics made by different people. This alone lets advertisers choose the right influencer for them to invest their money on.



As we’ve mentioned above, influencers will not be called as such if they don’t create an influence to their followers. With that said, influencers obviously have a lot of people following them on the social media. Despite having so many people following them, influencer branding is not as much expensive as celebrity branding. This very reason has made the influencer branding business very popular recently, where smaller brands can now compete against the big names in the market, thanks to influencer branding’s affordability.

Your brand can use this exact strategy to build a good brand image. If an influencer uses the product of a certain brand, their followers will surely be inspired to use it as well. This influencer branding’s domino effect will surely help your brand grow bigger than ever.

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