Every Important Thing You Need to Know About Brand Promotion

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“You can’t sell anything if you can’t tell anything.” – Beth Comstock

You’ve created an excellent product. You’ve fulfilled all the preparations you need to make that product. Then, you’ve set the most suitable price for your product. After that, you’ve found the perfect place to market your product. Now, all you need to do is to promote your brand and product.

Before getting any further, you must know and understand the definitions of promotion and brand promotion first. What is a promotion?

Simply put, promotion is the activity of making something, someone, or someplace more known by people. Thus, brand promotion is the activity of creating awareness, generating sales and brand loyalty towards a brand. Analogically, promotion is the activity that bridges a brand and its customers.
Brand Promotion has 5 primary functions which are;

1. To inform


Promotion is needed to make an unknown brand, known by people. By promoting the brand, customers will have the information they need to know about a brand and its products. Without information, people will have no idea about the brand and won’t even think of an unknown brand.

2. To persuade


After getting educated and informed about the brand, promotion is needed to persuade customers into buying the products. By promoting the brand, people will be influenced by what the product features and what it offers. After all, the ultimate purpose of running a business is getting money by being able to sell the products.

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3. To remind


After buying the product, the promotion activity hasn’t ended yet. It is still needed to remind people that the product and brand exists. In many cases, new brands are being forgotten because it lacks promotion.

4. To add value


Its promotional activities can measure the value of a brand. Valuable brands usually have enormous and high-quality promotional activities. Promotion is often associated with advertisements, and as you can see everywhere, high-valued brands like Coca-Cola have the craziest advertising.

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5. To assist


Promotion can support a brand by giving statistics. Advertisements usually lead to increase in sale, and brands can see the statistics of their sales activities.

In conclusion, promotion is a highly crucial part of marketing. Big brands usually don’t mind spending an enormous amount of money to promote their brand.

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