The Form of Branding Designs that You Should Know About

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“There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.” – Milton Glaser

Creating a brand for a certain product or companies is not an easy job, but it doesn’t mean that it takes so much effort in creating a perfect one. Usually, people create a banding design by using words as a form of sentences that represent the objective of the product or the companies.  As the result, people might find it easier to figure out the purpose of certain company and products. However, using only words or sentences for the branding might not be a good choice as people might not be able to remember them all the time. Instead, some companies and product prefer to have a logo or picture to represent their services as it can be applied in many form including poster, visual media, as well as other dimension branding form.

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Some company might like to use a figure instead of icon to represent their product and services, especially using the famous figure or the figure of person who create the product or the company. There are so many example of company that use famous people figure to represent their company; the figures range from philosopher, scientist, famous actor, and etc.

While some company use famous figure to represent their company, the rest more likely to chose animated characters which are consciously created for the business purpose.  The main factor in creating new figure for a company is to make the product more attractive and memorable than the rest.  The branding can also be a combinations of words, pictures, figures, and logos; the designs are usually made for multiple purposes to make the consumer understood the objective of the company or the product while making their logo a lot easier to remember. All aspects that need to be considered while creating the brand need to be included in a single design.

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