Gordon Ramsay’s Brand Recipe

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Previously, we discussed branding that affects the storytelling of a theme park in article ‘Walt Disney: a Story Telling Which Tells Your Brand’. But, the brand does not just give influence to your theme park but also in the world of entertainment such as television programming that featuring cooking class.

Almost everyone who watched the series cooking on television knows Gordon Ramsay. He was one of the most successful chefs in his field. Ramsay has approximately 13 restaurants around the world and attracts the media attention because of the controversy he created in the kitchen. He is famous for its high standard and very ambitious in terms of cooking.

Ramsay is well known for his appearance in Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares and Hell’s Kitchen which shows his character as short temper and perfectionism. He has created a pretty big rating with his talking as spontaneous and honest in assessing food. This attracted the attention of the audience when they can’t guess what will happen next.

Ramsay has written about 21 books related to food and drink in the British newspaper The Times. Ramsay continued to be one of the characters that have great influence through the way that produced a unique brand. He is a brand in his own way and has a website for further information. This creates great brand through the way he performs and the experience that participant or the audience receive. This makes him a good example for you to learn more about the strong brand.

One of the key elements of a strong brand is about the constant performance and experience that left in memories. It also about your personality who makes you unique that makes another person can describe you well. For example, the consumer can identify you from your special product or service.


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