The Great 5 Factors of Brand Personality

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If you already know about a strong brand, now we are going to learn more about what is brand personality? Brand personality is a set of human characteristics or traits that attributed to a brand name. Let us imagine it like this.


If a brand is transformed into a human being, what would it be like? What will it do? Where is it going to live? What would it wear? Who would it talk with?


Brand has a huge effect on consumers, the consumer still don’t realize about your brand when they still had trouble in describing it. So, you need a great strategy to maintain the brand. Also innovation to be able to stand out amongst others.  So, this will have an impact in sales. Campbell’s soup as the example, if it described as a person, it would be Mrs. Campbell is a sweet grandmother who lives in a cozy and warm place, she’s going to wear an apron while cooking a lunch for her grandchildren.


There are five factors of brand personality according to a researcher Jennifer Aaker. It based on an extensive data that have approximately 600 individual representatives

  1. Sincerity

    Sincerity has some aspect which is low self-esteem, honesty, healthy and carefree. A family-oriented, real, sentimental and friendly characters are creating a strong brand.

  2. Excitement

    Excitement has some aspect which is daring, spirited, imaginative and up-to-date. A brand with excitement factor would have characters that are trendy, young and cool, fresh, independent and contemporary.

  3. Competence

    Competence has some aspect which is reliable, successful, and discerning. A brand with competence factor would have characters that are hard-working, corporate, and leadership. Based on the research, Spain replaces “competence” with “passion”, both is equally necessary for the formation of character in a brand.

  4. Sophistication

    Sophistication has some aspect which is charming and upper-class. Therefore, a brand with sophistication factor would have characters that are glamourous and gentle.

  5. Crudity

    Crudity has some aspect which is tough and masculine. A rugged and opinionated characters create a crudity brand. But in a cross-cultural study shows that Japan replaces “crudity” with “peacefulness”. Still, crudity can represent a strong brand both peacefulness that shows harmony to maintain a strong brand.


Competitors will have their own personality while you need to ensure that you are different and unique in your own way. Therefore, it will make the consumers know about your uniqueness. The consumer will connect the product with your brand personalities; it will encourage about what they feel and experience. So, you need to carefully think about your brand personality, because lack personalities make people not interested enough to get to know your products any further. As a result, it will bring huge impact to your brand.


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