How to Make a Good Brand Naming?

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Brand Naming is one important element of a brand. Choosing a brand name for a new product is an art and a science. Just a name element, in selecting a brand naming six criteria need to be met. A brand name that is simple, easy to pronounce, familiar and meaningful, will increase brand awareness. As explained previously, need some criteria to create a good brand name, such as:

1.    Simplicity and Ease of Pronunciation and Spelling.
Simple or short name that will allow anyone to create and store the code in its memory. Shorten the name aims to make them easier to remember. For example, over the years Coca-Cola soft drinks are known as “Coke” and not Coca-Cola.

In addition to creating a simple name, marketers also need to make an easy name to pronounce. Keep in mind that in making a name, lest we make prospective customers fear the risk of mispronouncing that would embarrass them so that they do not want to say anymore. For example, Peugeot cars.

2.    Familiarity and Meaningfulness
The brand name should be familiar and meaningful. The name of a brand that does not mean to have an abstract sense because of the name of people, objects, animals, inanimate objects already exists in the memory of every consumer so consumers should be less learning to understand the meaning of a name brand. Creating a strong brand is simple by describes a type of products or services, such as a cinema Cinemaxx.

3.    Differentiated, Distinctive, and Unique
To increase brand-recognition, the brand name should not only be simple, easy to say, familiar and meaningful. The brand name must also be different, distinctive and unusual. Unique brand names also make it easier for consumers to learn information about the product.

Moreover, in making a brand name, three methods can be used to specify a brand name. Descriptive is a direct method of determining a name that indicates what the company, its products, and services like, for example, PizzaHut, Cinema 21, and Google Maps. Suggestive is the method of determining the creative and unique names, such as Pinterest. And last is abstract; the method determines the name in which the name has no meaning, for example, Skype.

The third method of selecting the name of each has advantages and disadvantages. The use of descriptive methods will create an easily identifiable brand of products and services offered, but with this method will be difficult to grow the business. Unlike the case with the suggestive method, this method can attract attention and easily remember by consumers, but it would be tough to build a brand image. The abstract method creates a brand name is easy to remember by the people, but it requires substantial investment to explain and build community awareness.


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