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“Just as one year in a dog’s life is equivalent to seven years in a human life, one year in the high-technology business is like seven years in any other industry.” – Regis McKenna

We all can see how fast the technology evolves, from cellphone to smartphone and how technology changes can influence everything. People can work faster; facilitate its work, and creating innovation. Technology can make something becomes differ and extensive. Technological developments also affect the evolution of the business world. Therefore, it is important for entrepreneurs both business managers to keep up with technology to survive in the market.

If you’ve already aware of how fast and influential technology to the development of business, the next question that might pop-up in your mind: How my enterprise can survive in the development of technology? To answer your question, we have five guidelines to help you figure out.

First, Build Brand Awareness and Great Brand Image.
There is a saying that “customer will come by their selves if you create the great product.” But a great product is not enough; you need significant brand awareness to make people know about your products. You can use social media to raise your brand awareness and creating the great brand image by posting the right content. Besides social media can create an engagement between you and the customer.

Second, Produce Association of Credibility of the Company.
You need to create a company or family brand with credibility. Since there are a lot of high-tech products and keep on releasing new products, you need to create an exact family name so you can gain customer’s trust. The CEO frequently indicate as an essential component of the enterprise as an advocate of the technology such as Steve Jobs.

Third, Utilize the Secondary Associations of Quality.
Not all of the people expert in technology, some of them couldn’t differentiate much between remarkable high-tech brand and other brands. So, to reach those individuals who don’t know much about your leading high-tech brand, you need a secondary association to communicate better with the potential customers, such as the magazine or inviting experts to convince the audience about your product.

Fourth, Don’t Over Branding Your Product.
Too many ingredients and endorser are one of the biggest mistakes that usually company made. Why? Because it is doing a NASCAR effects to the enterprise especially while creating an advertisement or marketing program. It will take too many logos and brands to represent over branding products, and it will cause the consumer confused.

Fifth, Introduce New Products as New Brands.
Products that have short life cycle make the most prestigious brand portfolios and hierarchies. So you need to add new products with a strategic new name such alphabetical ( Microsoft Windows XP), numerical ( Microsoft Xbox 360), time-based (Microsoft Exchange Server 2010), or other schemes. A new name for the new product can make the customers able to identify each of the products quickly.

That’s few guidelines that you can follow to maintain and establish your enterprise especially when it is correlated with high-tech. If you still find it hard, you can contact us to help you figure it out!


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