Interesting Facts About Colors and What It Does To A Brand

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“Color does not add a pleasant quality to design – it reinforces it.”

Color is essential. Every object in this world has color, including brands. Color helps a brand differentiate itself from another brand. Just imagine seeing every brand with only black and white as their logo color, it’d be hard for the customers to specify and tell the difference between them.

When asked, people usually associate Coca-Cola with the color red and Pepsi-Cola with the color blue. The color of the logo is what pictures the brand. The color is also used by brands to help them be more visible in stores. The reason why the products you see in stores are colored with different colors is to pique people’s interest to buy the product.



Source: visual.ly

Color also determines a brand’s persona and emotion.

The infographic shown above tells us that every brand you see in the world associate their logo color accordingly to their feelings and persona. Nickelodeon uses the color orange as the color for their logo, which helps them to attract most of their audience: children. The color orange is often associated with cheerfulness, happiness, confidence, etc., and children love everything related to fun.

As for brands with a lot of different colors on their logo, they’re trying to tell people how diverse the brand is. Google works on a search engine, internet browser, operating system, technological inventions, etc., and Google has many offices in countries outside the U.S. This shows how diverse Google is. The combination of different colors in the logo suits to Google’s diversity.

Brands must carefully think to use the color that identifies the brand accordingly. For example, Harley-Davidson chose to use the color orange and black to show the brand’s elegance. If the brand had used the color pink as their logo, the outcome would’ve been different.

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