Learn Branding from One of America’s Most Controversial People – Donald Trump

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One of the hardest challenges a brand needs to face is how to retain loyal customers. Plenty of brands have a hard time looking for a solution and answers on how to keep their customers stick to the brand. Two factors affect customers’ decision on being loyal towards a brand; internal factors and external factors.

The internal factors are the factors created by the brand itself, such as the quality of the product, the brand message, etc. Meanwhile, the external factors consist of competitors, word of mouth, market, etc. With all those factors around, retaining loyal customers and creating a ‘cult’ is one of the hardest hurdles any brand would face. And talking about that matter, we have a certain ‘personality’ that could act as the perfect example of every brand trying to retain loyal customers out there – yes, United States’ 45th president, Donald Trump.

Despite all the controversial tweets, statements and behaviors, we surely can learn from Donald Trump as a brand. We can learn from his ‘aggressiveness’ and ‘self-centeredness’ and how he’s able to keep people to follow him, although not everything that is related to Trump is positive. But, whether you like him or not, Trump is a business genius, and he knows how to apply it in politics, too.

And here are the things we can learn from Donald Trump as a brand:

1. Trump is willing to stand out.


Donald Trump’s ability to stand out and to make people see himself is undoubtedly one of his best features. His appearances on TV shows, films and such helped him to raise awareness towards the brand ‘Trump’. It’s not hard for him to stand out because he’s able to think of things he’d do to make people notice him. You can follow his example by offering something that would make your brand stand out from the others.

2. Consistency.



Trump’s name has been around for years throughout East Coast before he became the president. Hotels, casino buildings, golf courts to cologne, all of these share something in common – Trump’s name. His name is stamped down on expensive real estates, and his name is consistently known as the holder of multiple luxurious buildings and products.

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3. Trump’s engagement between him and his followers.

Trump-Followers-branding-consultant-dreambox-Indonesia-Jakarta-rebranding-agency-singapore (1)

He is known as a ‘rich guy that does politics, but plays too much Twitter.’ But, little did people know that he’s active on Twitter because he wants to engage with his followers. This strategy helped him win the 45th US presidential election. Engagement is proven as one of the ways to retain loyal customers.

No matter how is your political view towards Mr President, we all have to agree that his way to keep his followers loyal towards him is excellent, and we can learn from that.

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