Learn from People’s Mistakes, Not Yours!

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There is an Indonesian saying that says “lebih baik mencegah daripada mengobati” which means it’s better for us to prevent misfortunes to happen rather than letting them happen and deal with them later. This applies to all entrepreneurs and influencers out there. What exactly does that saying has to do with influencers and entrepreneurs?

Learn from people’s mistakes. Look at the experiences of successful people. When you follow and learn from the experiences of successful people, you will see that there are ups and downs within their lives, and you can learn from that. You can find out how they react to some issues and how they deal with them, how they avoid bankruptcy, and so on.

Look at how they deal with their mistakes and how they overcome the mistakes. After seeing those errors, you can prevent that from happening to you. Always look for people that you can look up to. That way, you can learn from their principles and idealism, and apply it to you. Isn’t it better for you not to let the same mistakes that happened to successful people happen to you again? Even a donkey doesn’t fall in the same hole twice!

Well, in that case, if you see somebody ‘fall’ into some hole, you can learn from their mistakes and not fall into the same ‘hole’ again.
And here are several common mistakes that often happen to influencers:

1. Inconsistency.


Often happens to entrepreneurs who’ve just started running their own business. Today they’d go for plan A, but then they’d go to plan B, so on and so forth. This has been proven many times as a big mistake you should avoid. Why? Inconsistency leads to distrust. People would rather look up to people that can make up their minds. You are most likely not to find credibility on liability.

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2. Not striving for more.

Always thinking “this is good enough for me” can be the downfall of your branding. Strive for more! There is no such thing as ‘good enough’. If you are easily comforted when things go according to your plan, always try to think that ‘it could be better’. That way, you’ll always find a room for you to improve. But, it’s important to feel ‘enough’ at times, too.

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3. Expecting too much of something.


It’s normal for you to strive for more. But still, you should also know your limits. Over expecting something to happen when you know, you can’t make it happen can also ruin your career.

But when mistakes are already made, don’t let them bring you down. Instead, you should improvise, adapt, and overcome. Use the mistakes as the chance for you to learn, so in the future, you will know how to face the problems. With that being said, you should try to learn from people’s mistakes, not yours.

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